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What is voter registration?

Voter registration is the process of entering details of qualified persons including their National Identity Card or Passport numbers in a register or list of voters.

Who qualifies to register as a voter?

In order to qualify as a voter, one must:

  • Be a Malawi citizen

  • Be 18 years old and above

Can a person transfer as a voter to another registration centre or constituency?

Yes! A person may transfer as a voter to another registration centre within the constituency or outside the constituency. The person is required to present himself/ herself to the particular registration centre or constituency with their certificate.

Why register as a voter?

Registering as a voter will give you the opportunity to elect leaders for your country at the national and county levels. You can only participate in elections if you are a registered voter. It is your right and duty as a responsible citizen to elect your leaders.

Where can you register as a voter?

You can register as a voter at any designated voter registration within the county assembly ward or the constituency where you wish to vote.

What is the role of a voter in ensuring the register is accurate?

It is the responsibility of each registered voter to inspect the register and inform the registration officers of any corrections they wish made in the register of voters on their particulars.